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2nd cycle clomid

Hi i'm 21 years old and i am currently on cycle day 24 tomorrow i will be cycle day 25 i am on my second cycle of clomid took it days 3-7 50mg with 21 progresterone blood test and scan ovulated last month on the same dose as this month ovulated this month as well.

i'm currently looking for any BFP's on clomid stories ,please i'm starting this thread as i'm looking for hope my HUSBAND and i were TTC for 5 years finally went for all the test lap dye to check my tubes,ultrasounds bloods etc. And got diagnosed with unexplained infertility 1st clomid cycle didn't work as hoped now having high hopes this cycle might work. Only signs i have is super sore breast heavy headache don't know if it's a sign off AF coming or pregnancy.


  • Hi. No success story from me unfortunately. I am on my 4th cycle of 50mg clomid. Unexplained infertility. Just thought I would say hello and I hope you are blessed with a BFP soon. 
  • @FlossyLZ Hi i've done 2 clomid cycles didn't work as expected did highly ovulate but i currently took my 3rd month off which is now in the month we're in just too see if it's going too work when taking a break currently on cd24, 9dpo will get back on clomid when i start my AF.

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