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Hi I was sue a period on the 28th it’s hard to explain but iv had a light bleed on and off for few days and cramping but it comes and goes if I was having a full period I would be heavy and cramps all the time the bleeding has stopped after few days what should I do I had the implant in but I think it’s over 3 years since it was put in what should I do 


  • Normally I’m heavy but this time it’s very light and stopped not sure as I am 42 years old the cramp comes and goes but with a period it’s there constantly for first few days any advise please 
  • Have you been active recently? If not it could be menopause 
  • Yes I abs the implant in but think it was over 3 years ago normally my periods are on time each month but it’s little spotting and occasional cramps that’s it 
  • Think it to young for menopause to be honest 
  • You’re 42, my mum started her menopause from she 40 lol not too young x
  • All of a sudden though out of the blue 
  • If you ain’t gonna accept opinions then go and take a pregnancy test lol
  • I was about to write the same; take a pregnancy test or go see your GP.
  • I appreciate your comments I was just nervous on taking a test it’s just them have be normal every month around save time and this time it’s a tiny bit stopped then tiny bit again then little cramp but went iv not had a full period that’s why im
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