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4th cycle of clomid

Hi ladies. I am currently on my 4th cycle of clomid. Suffering from secondary infertility, which is unexplained. We have been ttc for 25 months. I do ovulate by myself but the fertility specialist wanted us to try 6 months of clomid as occcasionally I can have the odd long cycle which makes timings difficult. I wanted to share some of my experiences and if you feel able, share yours as well. I am particularly interested in anyone taking clomid for unexplained infertility. 
My FSH, AMH, HSG all good. 

I have had my very low days. I took a long break from here as I felt like fertility and ttc was taking up my life. The pandemic hasn’t helped as it has been difficult to go anywhere to take my mind off things. What I have learnt is that I allow myself the tears when AF arrives but then I tell myself I need to look forward not back. It is hard l, especially as they can’t find a cause for the infertility. I feel like I am in limbo and don’t know if it is better to have hope of not. My experience on clomid has been ok so far. Few side effects but nothing too dramatic. I take various vitamins and have tried preseed which obviously haven’t worked to date. I have felt alone and isolated at times but we are not on our  own. Infertility is rubbish, to put it politely and I hope that in some small way I can help others in similar situations. 


  • Ugh why does it have to be so hard?
    I am suffering from unexplained infertility as well. When I was very much younger I was pregnant and terminated the pregnancy and now that I am starting on IVF this fact has come back to haunt me so much. It is simply terrible.
    I haven't started on stims yet but soon will and I can imagine it takes quite a toll on you.
    All I want to say is stay strong and you will go through this. I have been ttc for two years but as I am 40 by now I felt like I need to take the next step, so I will be starting with my IVF in Cyprus this month. 
    Just a word of support. What you feel, all of us feel, and it sucks. But stay strong! Lots of baby dust to you!
  • @FlossyLZ did u see someone privately or through the NHS.

    Ive been diagnosed with secondary infertility have occasional long cycles but the NHS clinic discharged me saying next step is privtae ivf as all my results show no issues, I'm confused why my experience is different!xxxx
  • @Thehappyvet
    thank you for your words of support. I hope all goes well with your IVF and lots of baby dust to your.
    @_Abby_ I am seeing a consultant via NHS. He has been wonderful although I did meet with resistance when I initially went to the GP. As I am over 35 I went when we were coming up to a year ttc. He flat out refused to refer citing our previous success in conceiving. I found him quite ignorant as secondary infertility is not uncommon. He told me to come back after we had been ttc over a year. I did and he refused to refer again. I got a second opinion and then got referred although it took us around 9 months to be seen because of the COVID situation. Admittedly, although my consultant suggested clomid he did say the evidence doesn’t say it helps much in cases of unexplained infertility although he takes the view that it can’t hurt to try. He has mentioned IVF which isn’t really an option for us. Maybe try and go back and see if they would be willing to try a trial of clomid. 
    It’s just so frustrating. Literally everyone around me is pregnant and as happy as I am for them it still feels like I have been punched in the stomach.
  • @FlossyLZ I feel exactly the same about people around me being pregnant...and whats worse is those that winge about the morning sickness/tiredness etc...makes me want to shake them and wake them up to the fact its not as easy for us all....i friend of mine winges even though she knows were TTC...and it really upsets me!

    I've been discharged from NHS support now as investigations were not fruitful and they advised only other option is to go for private IVF.  I asked for stats surround conception in these cases naturally, but they couldn't give me them.  Think we plan to try for 6 months more and then if still unsuccessful look into private consultation.  The NHS team said the private clinic will want to re-run all tests most likely themselves, but that they can provide me my notes if needed.
    Good luck! Hope to see a BFP for you and the success of the Clomid...or just the right time for you! Xxx
  • @_Abby_ It is upsetting. One of my work colleagues is pregnant at the moment and all I hear is her complaining about having a third boy. Then there is me wishing so hard that i could be in her position. Infertility sucks. 
  • @FlossyLZ infertility certainly does totally suck!  
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you xxxx
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