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Feeling lost

We have been trying to comcieve for 14 months now and I have polycystic ovaries so I always assumed it was me, we have just had my husband tested and his sperm morphology is low only 3% normal sperm. Now it's both of us I'm feeling really low and struggling each day and loosing hope I have 3 sister in laws and a  close friend all pregnant and I just get so frustrated because it should be so natural and its just so difficult!


  • The Dr said she will refer us a couple of weeks ago I havnt heard anything back yet, does anyone know how long the wait it currently is? 
  • Oh bless you, I know exactly how you’re feeling, we’ve been 2 years TTC now 🥴
    We started referrals last year but everything got held back because of Covid 😩
    Stay positive though lovely, things are happening really fast for us now. We had a referral work up with the GP (my bloods all good and OH sleek test all good), got referred and had a letter through within a week with a questionnaire to send back. Got an appointment for 3 weeks later (end of June), had more bloods for AMH levels (all good) and now have dates for a base line scan and laparoscopy next month. 
    It might vary according to where you are (I’m in Cornwall) but make sure your doctor has sent the referral as mine forgot and it got held up at first because of that!! 
    Good luck and ask me anything you want as you go along, I’m just that little bit ahead of you so happy to help 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • Kelb70 I really appreciate your response when Im feeling so alone right now. I'm so pleased you have started you journey and wish you the best of luck.

    I actually had a call from my Dr yesterday she has referred us and should receive contact from the clinic in the next few weeks hopefully.. 

    So you said all your tests the two of you have had are OK so far? Have they explained what your process is as I have no understanding right now with both of us with a fertility issue..
    Thanks again
  • Heeey @Lilsoph!  So sorry for the slow reply…. Life has been utterly hectic!!
    how is it going?? Have you had any appointments through yet? I really hope things are moving forward for you 🙏🏼🙏🏼 

    I had a baseline scan last week which is basically an intravaginal
    ultrasound… looks at your uterus and ovaries…. Really interesting actually! They told me that my uterus looks good, and they were looking at follicles in my ovaries to see if they were preparing to release eggs…. They actually found that although my right ovary was active and a follicle was preparing to release an egg, it wasn’t as far along as they would have expected at that point of my cycle… so I’m having more bloods on Monday to check progesterone levels and it might show that I have a short luteal phase which is something they can give me progesterone to gekp
    with 👍🏼 

    Then I have a laparoscopy on the 27th to check my tubes. I’m nervous about that one! But it’s really great to be moving forwards, to feel like I’m actually doing something proactive about all of this - I don’t feel so helpless, less like a victim. 

    I hope your referral will help you in this way too 🙏🏼 It’s also helped my mindset to be kept busy - I can recommend it! 🤣🤣
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