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Trying for over 2 years - NHS process and Help/advice please ♥️

Myself and husband having been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. We are currently going through the processes with the NHS.
Weve been together for 11 years, and I have never been pregnant before.
Ive had blood tests - fine
Husbands sperm test - fine
Just over a month ago i had a HSG (I found it so painful 🙈 not sure anyone else did?)
And we have a telephone appointment in October so hoping to find out the results then.
Ive been told i’m over weight, i need to lose 2 stone to ‘fit their criteria’. And i was told if i don’t lose the weight asap we will be put back to the bottom of the list (we joined the list in january) My weight has always been tough i constantly yoyo, but lately the stress and anxiety of having it held over me has been causing me more problems 2kg off here and then back on and so on. 
Not only that my best friend and a few relatives are currently pregnant with their first babies, and of course i’m overjoyed for them. But conception has just seemed so instant for them. And i’m mentally struggling…

Im just looking to see if anyone has or is i going the same process as us? 
And if you could offer any help or advise especially with the process itself as when we had our last appointment they just focused on my weight and said nothing could happen until i was ‘healthy’ i’m not condoning being over weight and i know it can affect fertility but using the BMI scale just doesn’t seem fair?? How can someone who is ‘skinny’ be deemed healthier than some overweight, there’s so much more to being healthy than just the scales?

If anyone can share their stories i would be soooo grateful ♥️♥️


  • Hi, I'm not in the UK but it seems like they don't wanna "waste" their money or time on anyone who doesn't fit their criteria. It might be more expensive, but maybe the private route would be better for you, finding ppl to help who won't turn you away for a few extra pounds. That would stress me out too!!

    I'm at the edge of the overweight category for my height so I also should lose a little before having another one. I do intermittent fasting from time to time, skipping breakfast and lunch, try not to binge in the afternoon on those days, but otherwise I eat what I want and don't stress too much over it. That said, I had gestational diabetes with both my girls and you might be looking at the same risk, but both of them were born without diabetes and with a little trouble watching my diet and working with a dietician (required) it turned out fine.
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