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Nearly 50 years old with these fertility blood tests

Hi! I have never had children or tried so I don't know much about fertility. I had a hysterectomy in my 30s, but I kept my ovaries. Do the following blood tests definitely show menopause or can the levels be higher some months and fall into normal levels other months? Is it possible to still get pregnant via IVF/surrogate while in peri-menopause? If it helps, my mom stopped having periods in her mid or late 50s.

Estradiol-  50
FSH-  51
LH-  33.8
Progesterone-  0.5 (my level has always been low) 


  • Hi, most clinics limit age of patients for IVF treatment. You can undergo your treatment in North Cyprus, India, and Latvia. In some countries such as Spain, Poland, United States, or at private clinics in the U.K. based on individual circumstances. But you cannot be treated in Czech Rep. Do your research first as age might be one of the issues. All popular counties with age limit are here. Hope this helps.
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