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WARNING: tmi: Implantation bleeding or something else?

Implantation bleeding, miscarriage or something else? 

Here’s a rundown of my situation. I’ve been on the implant (contraception) for roughly a year now. My periods are typically irregular, however, as I speak it has showed odd changes. 

My previous period ended on December 7th but suddenly returned again December 15th - this time dark brown in colour with white mucus mixed in. Not fresh blood. It started light for the first day then got heavier for next three days; and now lightened again. It’s unlike my previous periods as irregular as they may be. The above picture was taken today 21st December. This was the first discharge of the day - at 12pm. I’ve also attached snapshots of my period schedule as I do like to keep track of them on Flo.

*The pink is showing my period. Blue/cyan is showing my ovulation period. 

I will be seeking medical advice for this matter but until I can be seen, I’d appreciate any opinion or feedback on any similarities with what I’ve shown and said. Im really confused as to what is happening and quite frankly anxious - because if there is a chance I am pregnant, I’d really like to ensure nothing bad happens. However if it is already too late, I would like to know the underlying issues that may have caused it not to work out. If neither turns out to be the case - I’d like to know what it could possibly be. 

Thank you for taking the time to read! Any help is appreciated. 💞
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