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When did I conceive

Try to keep this short and least confusing as possible.

September 2021 I slept with someone (unprotected - he didn’t ‘finish’ but regardless)

I then went on to have my period and started sleeping with a different guy who has been the only person I’ve slept with since.

i have had 2 periods since the first guy and have just found out I’m pregnant. The 2nd guy I’ve been with ‘finished’ inside me when I was ovulating this cycle (I know when I’m ovulating).

I took a clear blue weeks predictor that said 2-3 weeks since conception (which added up with when the 2nd guy finished inside me). But I’m so anxious and paranoid wondering if there’s any possibility it could be the first guys???

if it was the 1st guys it means that those 2 periods weren’t real and I would now be 16/17 weeks pregnant...

am I being paranoid? I don’t want to tell the 2nd guy if there’s any possibility it’s not his. I’ve booked a scan to see how far along I am. What do you all think?
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