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Implantation bleeding from light pink to red

So I’m 11 dpo and for the past few days I’ve felt off I guess you would call it I’ve been having headaches almost every day and very nauseous and bloated I’m supposed to start AF in 4 days and my period is usually behind the time it’s supposed to come but I started spotting light pink and then I put a pad on and as the day went through it turned like brownish red tint and there’s no clots I’m not cramping at all I took a test just to be sure and there was a faint line but I’ve heard that implantation bleeding is not supposed to be red and it would just come and go throughout  the day I have no idea what is happening can someone pls give me some answers?  


  • Hi, I can't help with personal experience but recommend seeing a doc to discuss your concerns cos of many reasons of bleeding, here is more detailed info about some of them. Hope this helps.
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