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Ttc partner has low sperm count and motility

My partner and I have been ttc for 2 years then decided to seek professional help. I got checked out everything came back seemingly ok and I have regular cycles. I have been checking my ovulation monthly and it seems to be pretty regular as well.

My partner had low sperm count, low motility and abnormal morphology of the sperm, since seeing a urologist and being placed on clomid to boost fSH hormone and create free testosterone in the body to help sperm production and increase motility. It has been about 5 months of being on this medication and still have not gotten pregnant. He is fatigued all the time which even the dr found this odd due to the increase of his testosterone numbers. His numbers have increased after being on med for three months and will go back in a few weeks for a 6 month follow up and analysis and more blood work.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Any tips or tricks out there that you could recommend?

We both have children from previous relationships mine is 8 and his is 13. I got pregnant very easily with my daughter and had a very healthy pregnancy.


  • Hi Britt,

    I hope your well. I can totally relate me and my husband had been trying for a baby for years we had so many tests, well mainly focused on me and they couldn't find an issue. Then when they tested my husband it came back that he had morphology issues which would be the cause.

    This meant we had to have ICSI IVF, which luckily was successful. Since then and now considering IVF again my husband had always complained of feeling exhausted all the time and his just got worse over the years. He finally see a doctor about it and they tested his Thyroid levels which came back as so low, this was what was causing his sperm quality issues. His thyroid levels were never tested mine were but apparently it's not part of their standard testing on males. So mind blown he wasn't tested for this year's ago! Now his on the right meds he sperm should improve over time.

    I would just ask your doctor's if that's been tested for him as it's known to affect male fertility I can't believe it wasn't checked for us. 

    Good luck
  • Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this. I can't help with personal experiences but I think this article on how to improve sperm quality might be of some help. All the best.
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