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Struggling 😢

Oh ladies 😢😢 im struggling so much mentally… i just want a baby so much it hurts. No one understand the pain you feel seeing a negative test ALL THE TIME! No one around me has problems everyone around gets pregnant just looking at a bloody pram! I cant snap out of it! To be told all mine and my husband test results are normal but they think its my weight makes me mad! I know i need to loose weight and i am but i know some women who are atleast 5 stone + heavier than me and got pregnant and on to there second its not fair 😢😢 is it my weight? I know it wont help ! Or is it because im stressing! I stress about everything anyway! And bills going up hasnt helped me! I feel alone 😢


  • I am so sorry but I do not understand what you are complaining about? You should be luck-you know what you should do to get pregnant. Myself I know ladies who are unexplained and had 7th or 8th success via IVF and never give up. They travelled to other countries, paid out of pocket, but they knew they want to have a baby. Your task is one of the easiest - to loose your weight. You do not need to travel, to pay thousands of Euros or dollars, experience emotional rollecoster. Set your goal and reach it. You can, you are clever, you are a warrior. Fingers crossed. 
  • Mental health is a big isssue and i take that very seriously! I may have to have ivf i may have to have medical intervention! Actually quite hurtful your reply! I would never go out my way to make someone feel shit about how they are mentally struggling! I thought this was a safe place for me to reach out to people! My pain is just as bad as someone else who craves a child! Ive been told 3 different times i may have pcos then the next no i dont! Then at 16 i cant have children then at 22 yes i can! You dont know my journey! I wrote one thing about struggling mentally and loosing weight and you reply i should be basically greatful because its just weight! It isnt just weight but thanks! I wont ask or reach out for support again! 
  • Please don't feel discouraged by the previous response. I guarantee 99% of us on these pages are here to support and create a safe space for eachother. dont let it get to you. here if you want to chat
  •  :'(  thankyou!!!!!!!!!! Just didnt appreciate that my issue is a easy fix! I mentioned one thing ( weight ) isnt just weight but didnt feel ready to explain! So i wanted to reach out about ONE thing and its put me off now xx
  • totally understandable but I hope you'll feel confident in being vulnerable on here again. and even if it were just weight its a huge topic, that people struggle with immensely. you don't need to defend yourself. 
  • Thankyou means alot!!!!!! More than you know Xx
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