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Feeling hopeless

I’m having a bad time the last couple days and my partner just doesn’t seem to get it 

bit of background we are almost 4 years in on ttc#2 all fertility tests normal except I have sometimes irregular cycles I’ve had 6 rounds on clomid and just finished my 3rd round of letrisole

generally I cope alright but my sister in law just told me she’s pregnant which has set me on a bit of a spiral I’m of course happy for them but it just kicks up bad feelings for me (for context we were pregnant at same time 3 years ago I had a miscarriage and she had my neice) and she’s just got pregnant after a month of trying for her second and I don’t want to sound bitter but it makes me feel crap and I can’t stop crying 

my partner keeps thinking I’m crying cause of them and it’s not really about them it just makes it hard to squash down my sadness when these announcements come 

I’m not sure what the point of this was but I just feel like I wanted to write down my feelings 


  • I’ve been feeling the same way.  We’ve been ttc for a year and a half now and are one our third round of letrozole.  The first round I ovulated but the second I didn’t.  While all this is going on my cousin announced she was expecting her second child and then my best friend surprised me with her pregnancy.  I’m so happy for both but I’m also so sad and mad at the entire situation not at them!  I felt terrible for my reaction towards my best friend.  She and her husband told us at dinner and it was just so surprising.  I had to paste a smile on in front of them but in the car on the way home I was just sobbing.  I can’t wait to see her become a mom and be there for her but I can’t help but think why can’t it be our turn.
  • Hi, I am so sorry, I know what you are feeling, I was in the same situation.
  • Hi, sorry for the late reply to this post, I've just stumbled across this site and this forum after some similar support, we are 1 year in ttc for our first baby, it's something that we want so badly, I've been really struggling with this as it seems that babies are everywhere I turn, and now my best friend has announced that she's pregnant, it's an absolute killer, her and her partner got pregnant first try and as much I love her and am happy for her, it's such a kick in the teeth, I'm really struggling to be around her right now as all she talks about is the baby and the pregnancy and how excited she is, it seems so cruel that we try month after month with no luck, all tests have proved that we are able to concieve, it's just taking it's sweet time, it makes me cry everytime I think of it, I am 100% understanding how your feeling and I'm sorry that you are going through this as well, I hope with all my heart that we both get the baby that we are desperately wanting xx
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