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By the looks of my situation could I be pregnant?

So Dec 1. I started my period right after having protected sex. - That same day I gotten on birth control (FIRST TIME)
(Portia pills) I taken up my birth control pills 18 active pills

Dec. 18th, Sunday me and my boyfriend had sex for a good hour. (unprotected) He ejaculated in me. I didn't take a plan B but I did take my birth control. 
Dec. 19th, Monday I made up my mind that I want to be pregnant so Monday was my last day taking my birth control pill. 
Dec. 20th, Tuesday I started to have brown discharge spotting in my underwear wasn't bad. 
Dec. 21st, Wednesday I started to bleed like I would on a normal period. My flow wasn't heavy. 

NOTE: I knew it wasn't time for my period. My period wasn't to start till next week. I looked it up "withdrawal" bleeding from me stopping my pills. 

Dec. 22- 24th 
I was having real heavy bleeding with mild cramps. I felt tired, sore boobs, tired all the time in the morning, and nausea. I was leaking out of my pads within a hour. On the night of the 24th the bleeding gone down. No cramping feeling normal. 

I stopped taking birth control on Monday because me and my Boyfriend are now trying for a baby.
I've asked mommy groups, family members
Reddit groups- a lot say there a possibility, but at the same time no because im bleeding from the withdrawal. 
 -Birth control is never 100%. 
-I was on Birth control for not even a month 
-Sperm lives inside for me for 5 days
-It takes 15-45 minutes to sperm to reach the egg. 

 Could there be a possibility of pregnancy after me bleeding?  
Is me bleeding now my period? 


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