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First months TTC with low SC - making sense of ovulation??

Hi everyone,

first of all, English is not my mother tongue so… excuse me if anything comes out weird.

So I’m a little new to ttc – me (28f) and my husband (33m) started “not not trying” in october-november and started going seriously at it in December and now in January. I’m always very regular in cycles (28-29 days) but he has very low count/motility (he had a surgery to correct this but the count is stilla round 1%-2% so very low on the curve). With these numbers we feel like we don’t have this many chances at conceiving…So, in order to have better chances, I bought the Clear Blue digital ovulation kit and some other cheap ovulation strips.

I should have had my ovulation Monday 16 January and I started testing with Clear Blue a little too late (Saturday 14). I know it’s normal to have the empty circle the first day of usage, and I had in fact one on Saturday 14. Another empty circle on Sunday 15. Then, flashy smiley face Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Meanwhile I also used the cheap strips at night, while using Clear Blue in the morning, that confirmed I had no LH surge.

So I’m a little concerned… my ovulation should have happened on Monday 16, my CM was a little egg-white like on Tuesday 17 but apart from that no other symptoms. I have had no LH surge, I keep getting flashing smileys but no solid one on Clear Blue… could it be because I started testing too late? Or maybe I’m not ovulating? Anyone has had any similar situations with ovulation strips? I am a little confused.


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