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We are struggling

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for months now and usually I've had no problem on my end but due to my partners dark past of using we fear that has made his count low to non existent. Although his partner before me fell pregnant after he got clean, just worry that maybe we aren't doing something right. We have changed our diet and all but still having no luck. But the other night I was ovulating and he had finished inside me consecutivly twice without breaks and although only a little came out of me I laid down and even elevated my bum for just over an hour, usually I wouldn't do that and after that barely anything came out. My concern is this has never happened before as usually it still rushes out although the difference is me elevating my bum. But I worry that if I do a test in a couple weeks or worse my period will start. It will just destroy me. We have wanted to have a baby for a really long time and I can give him everything else just seems like I can't give him this one thing. So I'm asking what are my chances of getting pregnant this time with double ejaculation and the laying and elevations adding with the fact that barely anything came out even when I went to the bathroom 2 and half hours after we had sex. Please if anyone has been in my situation of trying and trying please help and let me know the chances of me being pregnant this time with everything being different and nothing coming out still after 24 hours, could this be the time that I can finally give him and us what we really wanted.


  • I really hope this does work for you. Maybe I should be doing the same, I just didn't want to get too much into this stuff because I thought it might be a myth but now I need all the help I can get. 
    We are all in this together.
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