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Advice on next steps please

Hi all,

Myself and my husband have been trying for a year. I got pregnant last year but miscarried at 9 weeks.

Since then, I haven't been pregnant. I have had 2 blood tests and an internal and external scan on the NHS, all my results are normal. My husband is awaiting his tests.

I had a free 15 minute consultation with a hollistic fertility therapist who told me some of my hormones are low and that I have gut issues. She made me feel quite low about everything and said a full 2 hour consultation will cost approx £300.

I also received some advice to go the private route and get in touch with a private consultant and have more tests which will cost approx £250.

Others have told me that I just need to be patient, keep trying and wait.

Has anyone been in this position? What is the next best steps? I don't want to waste money, but I am happy to go private if it will help. I just don't know what to do next.


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