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Cycle day 21 blood test


I'm being sent for a cycle day 21 blood test which will be next month as i have just finished a period and I was wondering if anyone who's had it could answer some questions for me about it?

What was found?

What was the action taken after the test?

How long did it take you to concieve?


  • I just took my 21 day tests, normally it's progesterone and a few more. But basically, it shows if you have enough progesterone produced for successful implantation and "keeping it in", also, it shows if ovulation happened or not. So that's about it. It at least shows what happened this previous month. I've heard that sometimes people get progesterone prescribed if lacking etc. I am in no luck yet myself and also need to fix thyroid first because that one is more important than progesterone even. :( 
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