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9 months in - losing hope!

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months with no luck. I have not been on any contraception for several years. We are both under 30 years old. I have tracked ovulation which has had no impact. I am in a high stress job so feel this may be connected. Drs won’t test until 1 year point. Anyone have any advice?


  • Hello, is there no way to do a few tests privately maybe? My doctor almost accidentally cared to check certain levels of mine and thanks god, we started caring for them earlier than after 1 year point, otherwise would have been just missed time for sure. 
    But otherwise, if you think everything is generally fine, then my obgyn just yesterday said that 1 year mark is proven by WHO and there is a proven reason there for not doing "anything" medical. But I understand your worry and frustration. 
  • Hello! I’m also around there (8th month TTC). Are you keen to form a small huddle/community? :) I really hope to form a small group together with ladies who are TTC (and hope for a consistent group of people to journey together…!)
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