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2.5 years ttc. Feeling mentally broken. Advice would be really appreciated!

Often I’ll speak to family and friends when I hit a low point and as much as I love them all so so much for trying to say the right thing, unfortunately they can’t as I guess they just can’t relate. And I’m really at breaking point and feel like this is my last option to reach out for some advice. My husband was found to have super low testosterone and therefore Sperm count. Super low. In fact 2 of his 3 tests had 22 sperm and the other had zero! The issue was a synthetic testosterone he used to take which has slowly increased but absolutely nowhere near where it needs to be. 

It’s been 2 and a half years and our recent fertility appointment would like us to try naturally based on the fact his last result was 0.01%. Which is about 10,000. Sounds amazing I know…. But for context we need about 22 million! 

My libido has dropped massively. And so has his (low testosterone doesn’t help with that) I read somewhere that gonadotropin injections can significantly help increase sperm. Ideally we’d like to do this before we try ivf in November. Has anyone else tried this? And also anyone had a similar situation or process ?

I really am feeling completely mentally exhausted :(


  • I know how you feel. It's been over a year for us and two miscarriages. We're looking into IVF as well at the moment. It's really hard. Everytime I have my period I cry so I'm right there with ya.

     At the moment we have changed our diet and been making recipes out of a book called The Fertility Kitchen. We have smoothies with Maca powder every day. I definitely feel like my hormones are more balanced and emotionally before my period I'm not struggling as much I think.

    I've also been doing yoga and spending more time in nature. I'm trying to relax and not focus on it too much but it can be hard as I'm trying to get a childcare traineeship.

    It might be a good idea to take a month's break and not focus on it for a bit. I probs should do the same. But it is hard since I wasn't ovulating for 3 months after my last d and c.

    I hope this helps because I don't know what to say either, only that I feel your pain because I'm going through the exact same thing. It's amazing that people can have babies after all this. My old boss struggled with IVF for ages and she pretty much gave up and was just using her last chance and then it worked and now she has a lovely baby girl. She is one of the best mums I've ever seen and really cherishes her little girl. I hope this gives us hope. :)
  • Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. I can't share personal experiences but quite often I participate in myivfanswers webinars, and I believe this one could be helpful for you: Hope this helps. 
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