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  • it ok for some i have spent 2 hours at the hospital today with the hubby as he had to go to the fracter clinic then done a bit of shopping,picked the kids up from school then done the normal things when you get home
  • Thats what my usual days are like jade.
    I spent tons of time in the hospital with hubby.
    While i was preggers he had an MRI on his head as he was suffering really bad headaches back then.Then a year or so later got super glue in his eye.
    Last march he had 2 heart attacks,then came off his bike jan 4(i think it was)then had a back operation end of jan,and has just had another MRI on his back and waiting for the results which should be in 2-4weeks.

    I think his taking off where i left off as i was so accident prone as a child.
  • bless you sonund like a lot to take i how did you cope
  • Well tbh i just do,i kinda have to be cold hearted about it or i would be a total mess every time,his only 26.When his in hospital im there for him but when i get home im a mum and riley gets my full attention,thats how i was when had he heart attacks.
    Thankfully i have him mum who lives 5mo's up the road,his dad is 5mo's the other way and my parents are always on hand if needed even tho they are about 15miles away.
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