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hi iam on clomid i am on day 18 of my cycle (witch are on 21 days) and i am in alot of pain in my lower back and lower belly also very tired not bac to see my consultant till 3oth of may can any one give me any advise
also i woke up at 2am with hot fluss and was also sick is this normal
jade xxxx


  • thank i thrught i was doing well but it looks like i am not now really tirefull to cant wait for it to pass ealy have had enough today
  • thanks for letting me now i am due on on thursday so will see what happens going to go and have nice long hot bath to see if that helps shall be bac on later
  • had a bath and feel a bit better now hope i dont wake up again
  • Hi jade sorry your suffering with it, don't know anything bout clomid but it will def be worth it in the end i can promise you that. Hope your feeling ok now x
  • thanks sarah just having a low day to whitch is not helping how are you
    you pic on face book are realy nice your little one is so quit
  • Thanks, not had time to look at all of the pics buts nice to put a face to the names. I'm fine just popped on quick while jon is reading the paper then we're going to bed to watch tv and hopefully i'll get a foot rub. Will keep everything crossed for you that this works soon
  • thank shall talk tomoz as i am of now to
  • Hi Jade sorry to hear that you are suffering a bit with the clomid. I hope everything sorts itself out for you and you feel better soon. remember, like the others have said it will all be worth it soon.

    How are you today? xx
  • hi iam still not good but a bit better then yesterday thanks how are you girlys
  • Hi Jade,

    Sorry your feeling bad. hope you feel better soon, chin up.
    From your ttc buddy.
  • thanks Pauline feeling a bit better today
    i am due on tomorrow so will have to wait and see how are you
    you have not been on much latly what have you been up to
    has your cycle sorted it self out yet wont be on later as i am going to see my dad but will be on tomorrow
  • hi all didnt think i would be bac this early have alot better day not teifull or any think so feeling alot better how are you
  • Thats great you had a better day lets hope it stays that way for you x
  • i hope so just waiting now to come on as i am due on tomorrow so fingers crossed
  • lol me to i have week of collage then 3 weeks later i finish cant wait what have you been up to
  • i am going mobil so i can do what i want when i want
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