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Well my fears came true...

Hey Ladies

Well today I got my test results back and I have PCOS, with a chance that I might have a tumour on my pituritary gland!

I'm having a CAT scan next wk and an 24 hour urine test.

Still in shock. its a good thing we found out but I'm heart broken.

My blood pressure is so high she wanted to put me into hospital. So for now I've got to keep my stress levels down. Also DR said i need to lose 10kgs to start fertility treatment.

Can any of you ladies post your hormone results so i can see how bad mine are?


  • I dont remember my hormone results hun sorry.
    But please try not to worry too much thats what i did when i first found out. After a while you will realise its not the end of TTC. Sounds like the doctors are doing a lot of tests etc which is good as once you know exactly what is going on then you can do something about it.
    I know its easy to say but try and think positive hun xxxx
  • Hope the scan goes well. Recently been diagnosed with PCOS myself but always knew there was something wrong - just gonna take a lot longer than the average person I guess....
    If it helps my hormones were:
    LH 15.4
    FSH 4.5
    How did yours come out?
    Baby dust xx
  • I'm not sure what LH and FSH mean but mine were like this:

    Testosterone 2.6
    SHBG 15
    FAI 17
    DHEAS 14.2
    Free Testosterone 69.4

    The doctor said my numbers are really high, but that because I'm young as soon as I lose some weight they will all drop. She also said she thinks I wont have to go as far as IVF that clomid should do the trick.

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