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Another Success Story!!

Hi Girls......

I know how lifted i always felt when i read a success story on the PCOS forum so i thought i would add my own!!!!

After 3 1/2 years of TTC we've finally done it and got our BFP (5 weeks 1 day now)

Was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago but didn't start trying until i met my now husband and then realised that i had some real issues.
After 3 rounds of clomid then another 3 rounds with metformin ,nothing was happening, so i was sent for a HYCOSY (not so pleasent) My tubes proved clear but cysts were found on both ovaries. It was then decided that ovarian drilling would be the next step, when i awoke form that i was told that they had managed to drill a few of the bigger cysts and were happy with how it went but for one thing...... All of a sudden one of my tubes was now blocked and the consultant could only say that i was probably getting periodic blockages.

It wasn't looking so positve when over a year after the op i still wasn't pregnant.....

I tried zestica, agnus castus, different vitamins and finally decided to try the CBFM.

By my third cycle using only this, i fell pregnant.

I can't begin to tell you all how overwhelmed, emotional and so protective of myself i now feel!
Don't don't give up hope ladies, i was beginning to think that it wouldn't happen for us.

Remember to relax, i know how hard that is but so many months went by where i was monitering everything i could that it obviously got to be too much pressure, in December when i fell i was eating camenbert, drinking wine, eating peanuts..... doing everything that i probably shouldn't have done and i think i finally relaxed. Also (sorry tmi alert) After the ahem event i didn't get up and go to the loo like i usually do and also i managed to *whispers come* at the same time as DH which i have heard helps the little swimmers to reach their goal haha!!

Good luck ladies i hope you all get your BFP's soon, sorry for the long post x x


  • Congratulations!!! That's fantastic news - thank so much for sharing it with us and all the best for the next nine months xx
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