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Tell me about yourself

Hey ladies

Well as most of you know i'm new to this chat so I thought you could all tell me about yourself.

Me first:

My names Karina I'm 21 and Hubby is 25. We've been trying for a year to fall pregnant, and on tuesday I was diagnosed with PCOS. We live in Australia (no I don't ride a kangaroo to work.
Hubby works on a mine 2 wks on 1 wk off and at the moment I'm a stay at home wife hehe.

So from here my goal is to lose 15kgs in 3 months. And as soon as Ive done that I will be starting Fermara.

Karina xx


  • hey Karina

    i'm issy, 26 Hubby is 28, been ttc for 2 years, diagnosed with pcos about a year ago, live in Suffolk, England.

    Run my own wedding stationery business http://www.handmadebyisobel, and love my job!

    lost nearly 4 stone to be referred for treatment, and getting the long awaited treatment in 2 weeks!!! =D dont give up hope hunny, you can do it!!

    x x x
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