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Just been diagnosed with PCOS

Hi ladies,

I haven't actually started TTC yet but after years of irregular periods I went to my GP about a month ago to see if they would test me for PCOS/anything else that may be causing this. I had blood tests & an internal scan & have just had the results that I do have PCOS.

I want to TTC in August & was wondering anything you ladies can suggest to help with my fertility. I am going to start Reflexology sessions & also try some yoga/pilates. I'm not overweight but I figured I may as well do all I can to get healthier. I would appreciate any advice on ways to relax - something I'm not good at!! Especially as I am currently planning my Wedding & doing shifts which messes with my body anyway.

Any advice on things to help me would be gratefully appreciated.
Sending you all lots of love & luck for those TTC xxx


  • Hi there,

    Im currently 33 wks pg with pcos. I had fetility drugs in the end to help me get pg as I had always had irregular periods and had been ttc for 6 months but hadnt had a period for 18 months when I went to the docs. I found out id got pcos and was reffered to a fertility specialist at my local hospital. I dont think id be pg now without their help.
    I read alot about pcos when I first found out and a low GI diet is recommended. I didnt follow it to the letter but I did change some foods that I ate regularly such as rice and pasta to wholemeal/brown varieties which were lower in GI. This could be worth looking into
    I would also start keeping a record of your cycles to help you pin point when you ovulate, but this can be diff especially with pcos.
    I just found the thread I put up when I first found out, it may have some other useful points :


    and this one also has some good advice:


    Good luck X

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  • Well first of all good luck for your wedding - it'll be the most amazing day of your life!!
    Definitely important to get some relaxation to help with that as well as with your cycles. I've done some acupuncture and relaxation yoga which I have found brilliant for reducing my stress levels. I've also switched to brown rice, pasta and bread to reduce my GI (but I have had a bit too much chocolate lately so probably reversed the good I've done!). I have been taking agnus castus to help with my cycle which some people really swear by. I can't really say what works for me as I've only had two AFs since coming off the pill last August but the first took 150 days while the second took 99 so even though that's still pretty bad it's a big improvement. But who knows how much is down to each thing I've tried...??!! But I do think it helps sometimes just to feel you're taking positive action especially with something like this that we can feel so little control over.
    Anyways I hope something there helps!
    H xx
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