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Had my External & Internal scan

Well I had my ultrasound today on a very uncomfortable full bladder image, she was saying it was very hard to see anything, I really dont see the point in the external scans really.
So she told me to go to the toilet and come back for an internal scan, I was shocked i really thought you had to make another appointment and come back another day so it was nice to get it all over and done with.
I remember when someone in my other post telling me the internal scan felt like a dildo going inside :lol: and i really do see your point, I was like jesus christ, went straight in! image

She had a good look at my ovaries and my cervix and as far as i know everything was ok, just got to make an appointment for a week later to see the dr to discuss my results. But im pretty sure im all clear.



  • Well done for getting it all done MPP! Totally agree with you on external scans - mine were inconclusive then I had to go back for internal which did show PCOS. Let us know what results you get (fingers crossed).
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