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primrose oil tablets..

Have also posted in TTC Forum.
Hi girls i have to give away.

4 tubes of Zestica (not the spray the applicator tube thingys..... is worked second time for us.

1 full pack of Kira Agnus cactus tablets 1 packet i think with a few tablets missing, each pack has 30 tab's, i used them as i had bad PCOS, had very very irregular AF's like over 100 days and using AC got them down to 42 days, so can say they worked for me, it took 4 cycles from stopping my pill, but took us 13 months, worked on the third cycle of taking AC, but second cycle of the 42 days (if that makes sense) but would day only take them if your irregular not advised to take if you have regular 28 day cycles.
Also only take up until you OV, as i was tracking my OV doing OPK's and temping so i stopped as soon as i did.

Some info on them -

I also have an almost full tube of strong evening primrose oil 2000mg (i think) tablets used these as i read they help with cycles too, not sure if they helped but worked after i took about a weeks worth then fell pregnant.

I dont mind sending different items to people.

Not asking for anything for them, i would just be pleased to know that i may have helped someone else finally get there BFP.

Email me whoever is interested.

Hales x

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