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Update on me,... (also in LTTC)

Hi Girls

Haven't been on here for ages, so thought I'd update you all (if you're interested?! lol....) on what's been happening....

So had bloods done after a mammoth 88 day cycle when I thought AF had arrived (but cycle was anovulatory). Bloods were a bit inconclusive, but more likely PCO than not. So referral to gynae.

Had gynae appt yesterday and she was really good - thinks PCO is likely, but wants to scan to be sure. Also wants hubby to have SA. So both those balls are rolling with getting appts etc. And then she said I'd go on Clomid for up to a max of 12 cycles, and she hopes to get me on it within next month or so.

So it was confirmation for me of what I had thought anyway, a step forward in right direction, and I was feeling really positive.

Hubby not so happy - says he feels sad that we have to have help, and I think he's not really been thinking about it as much as I have. Also says let's start saving for IVF in case, which I don't think is a particularly positive attitude! But men feeling they have to be providers and all that....

So that's me, hoping to get scan within next weeks, and not sure when SA possible as they say appts are booked at least 3 weeks out.

How are you all anyway? Any big news while I've been away from here?



  • Hi Fergy,
    Gatecrashing to say hi and that while I am sorry it looks likely to be PCOS I am glad you are well on the way to being treated. I know it must be hard for you both at the moment but you sound really positive and I will be cheering my head off when we do see your BFP!

    Lots of love
  • ooh hello L+N! Lovely to see you - thanks for your message, yeah I do feel positive, just a shame hubby isn't so positive, but we all have ups and downs I spose. I'm just so damn impatient to get it all going!!!!

    How are you????

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