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a bit of encouragement..

Hi Ladies,

I know how annoying it is having PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was 19 and spent the next 10 years pretending that I never wanted to have kids anyway. When I was 29, I came to my senses! My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a nearly a year before we finally succeeded and I now have a beautiful, healthy 9 month old.

I did take a whole bunch of herbs. I think they did help, because after taking them I started getting my period back more regularly. The other thing that I did was NOT test for ovulation, NOT test my temperature and NOT worry too much. Also, had lots and lots and lots of sex!!

It is really tough trying to get pregnant when you aren't having a period! But, the best advice I can give you is RELAX. With any luck, it will happen when the time is right for you and your partner, like it did for us. In out case, my husband finally got a new job after 18 months of looking, we moved into a new flat, and after 6 weeks I was pregnant. Baby's timing was perfect.

Anyway, lots of love to you all. And best wishes TTC....


  • Hi Rubeeee,
    It's good to hear positive stories like this to show it can be done naturally. Glad to hear you and your baby are doing well. Thank you xx
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