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Hi lovely ladies,
I am ttc #2 and just started cycle 1 of clomid, first pill today.
Please can someone remind me of the side effects of clomid? I cant remember how i was last time round?!
Is being really hot and sweaty (TMI) a side effect or is it the weather?!


  • Hiya,

    Yes hot flushes are the main side effect that I suffer with. By taking my tablets before bed, I seem to have minimal side effects, so would defo recommend that!
    I am on my 8th Round, yes 8th!!! But the first 6 months I wasn't ovulating properly, so hopefully they have got the dosage right now.

    Good Luck with it, and keep us posted!
    BTW - if you pop over to LTTTC there is quite a big Clomid thread with lots of info and experiences

    Love TW xxx
  • i got really really hot and i remember having the pmt symptoms too!! good luck hun xxx
  • Hi Slow,
    The side effects haven't been as bad as I was expecting and I've got tonsilitis at the moment so I'm struggling to tell what is causing which symptoms.. I seem to have had few hot flushes/ brief dizzy type spells. i've also had a couple of shooting type pains on both sides which I'm assuming are my ovaries- I normally only get this on one side so I'm taking it as a positive sign.

    Also, I don't know if it's because of the clomid or my situation but I've been quite teary. Not in a gloomy way but I've just felt very in tune with my hormones and I think some if it is mental and possibly physical relief after waiting for so long without an af. I really don't know why but I've got this overwhelming instinct that this could be the one for me which I've never had before. Nothing was meant to be getting done with me for another 2 months but all along I've had august in my head to find out I'm pg for some reason then with the change in my situation and my af this week august is when I will be testing- around my wedding anniversary. I feel like things are starting to slot into place at the moment and I'm feeling very calm about everything. No doubt I'll end up having to eat my words though but here's hoping.

    Good luck to you all.
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