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Sore ovaries most days and PCO

Just wondering if anyone else gets this? I get sharp, sore pains in my ovary area, either side, quite a lot of the time. I haven't ov-ed since July 09 and had last AF August 09, Is ovary pain a symptom of polycystic ovaries or is it something to worry about? x


  • I've had times where I've had what I thought were pains from my ovary but didn't ovulate. I'm wondering is that caused by my body trying to ovulate and not managing it.......??? xx
  • That's what I think too- that I'm trying to ov but can't. I also get ewcm and sore boobs every few weeks and think maybe this is it.. but then no AF. Wish I had regular cycles, it's so hard knowing you have no chance.
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