So happy af showed up

Hi girls, .

Sorry not much point to this post Had no period for 3 months and was diagnosed with pcos about six weeks ago but got my period today! Feeling so much better was feeling really tearful last week and couldn't understand why.

I've had 2 sessions of reflexology over the last 2 weeks and been taking agnus castus not sure it's helped or if i might have had a period anyway. x


  • Yay! I know how excited I always get to see AF when it has been absent for a while! Although now metformin has shortened my cycles a significant amount I would rather not see AF but a BFP instead!

    I think if you are having AF, even with a long cycle in between, it has to be a good thing as you still have a natural chance of a bfp and you have something to work with! Good luck X

  • Hi Magpie,

    Thanks for the reply. Hope you get your bfp soon, very promising the effect metformin having on your cycle so hopefully you will not have to wait long.

    I'm going start on metformin in oct, but i'm going use cbfm and ovulation sticks this month on the off chance it might work.

    Good luck x x
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