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Polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome- anyone else?

Hi guys, just thought I'd start a thread for those of us that have PCO but not the syndrome, as I don't really feel I belong here! I have 40+ cysts on each ovary, dx by ultrasound in December 2009 but bloods show slight elevated testosterone, the rest is normal. Have been ttc for 9 1/2 months, due to start Clomid soon after futher tests.


  • Hi Kittenmittens. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in December 2008, with lots of very small cysts on both sides. However all test results show I don't have the syndrome, and I don't have any of the usual symptoms. All blood test results and shop bought OV tests show I do ovulate every month.

    It is possible to concieve with PCO - the month after I was disgnosed I got a natural BFP, although it wasn't meant to be (I MCd at 5/6 weeks). I also suspect that lots of ladies have PCO but aren't even aware of it, as they get their BFP before embarking on any tests.

    We have some issues with MrD's swimmers, and given the time that has elapsed and our advancing ages (late 30s) we are having fertility treatment - four rounds of IUI (unsuccessful) and we are in round 1 of IVF.

    I have to say I don't count the PCO is one of the major reasons we having conceived.

    Good luck with the clomid. There are lots of clomid success stories!
  • Hi MrsD, sorry to hear about your MC. I think the PCO is definitely causing our problems with ttc as I haven't had any periods for 5 months and no ov in that time either. I've just had a provera-induced AF to hopefully kick start things and we're both having more tests- hubby is awaiting his SA results and I'm hopefully having a HyCoSy in a few days to check if tubes are clear, that is if AF stops in time (hospital cock-up, timing all wrong!)

    How is it possible to have no AF and no ov with PCO but normal blood test results? I don't really understand! :\)
  • Hi Kitten Mittens,
    That is something that puzzles me too. It's looks like I do have PCOS as I'm not ovulating or afing and my bloods show raised LH. I don't have any other symptoms though normal BMI, don't really have excess hair etc.

    I think PCO simply means cysts on your ovaries that the hycosy will show. PCO ias about the appearance of your ovaries and the way they look. From what I can gather PCOS or the full-blown syndrome is about what's causing the cysts and a hormone imbalance. I have raised LH hormone level which basically means follicles are developing in my ovaries this means that the follicle stimulating hormone or FSH is working but than the hormone that is supposed to release the egg in me isn't working properly.

    Just a word of warning I'm not sure what they have told you about provera. I was given norisethene in Jan to give me an AF so I could get bloods and a hycosy done. I was under the impression that it would start my AFs again tc but I still didn't ovulate or have AFs after it. I think provers works in a different way but if I were you I would check whether they think the provera is going to help give a cycle back as the medication I was on just gave me a false bleed to get the tests done but they didn't explain this properly and I was left eeling a bit deflated after thinking it would sort things out xxx
  • Thanks Hope09, to be honest I didn't hold out much hope that Provera would make me ov. I'm on CD 14 and had some EWCM and ov pain a few days ago, but in my previous cycle (6 months without AF or ov) I had random days of EWCM and ov pain all over the place so think it's unlikely this is actually ovulation. I'm desperate to get on the Clomid now! :\)
  • Yes I found that I had really strong OV pains and thought I was getting EWCM but then it didn't amount to anything. You never know though so keep BDing at the moment just in case. I know I wish there clomid dealers in backstreet corners haha x
  •  I have the same. I wawould love to know if anyone tried pree-seed lubricant and have a successful story. I really want to get pregnant.

  • I have the same. Started ttc in March 2014 but no luck. Had a HSG which showed tubes clear and an internal ultrasound which shows I have cysts on both ovaries but not pcos as I have regular AF. Hubbys sperm has low motility too. We tried preeseed but didn't seem to work for us. So now it's a waiting game until September when we will start IVF. I hate every month getting my hopes up and then the disappointment! And all facebook seems to be full of everyone but me getting pregnant! Rant over lol

  • Really hope it works for you.

  • Hello!

    I‘m aware your post is several years old now(!) but it came up when I Googled polycystic ovaries without the syndrome. I’m in the same situation as you and hoping to start Clomid soon as long as my HyCoSy is ok. Do you mind me asking how the Clomid worked out for you?

    Thanks in advance 😃

  • I’m so Glad this came up on the forums, I’m currently driving myself mad until April where I will see a gyne And I wasn’t even aware you can get polystic ovaries without the syndrome.

    weve been ttc for 2 years, I’ve been regular as clock work every cycle until say 3 cycles ago! It’s been a few days early or late plus I get really painful ovulation pains. That added to pinky/blood when we’ve finished bding (only happens in a certain postion though.) obviously google DOESNT help an anxious mind. There seems to be very little help on line for ‘positive opks, eecm, bding &regualr cycles but still not pregnant‘. Other then unexplained fertility. 😕 never Wished time to pass so quickly. Haha 

  • Hi I thought I'd reply and give you all a little hope. I have had polycystic ovaries for 7 year now and been trying to convince for a few years now with no luck. I found out that I'm pregnant last week I'm now 6weeks and 5 days. Sending you all the luck I can give :) 

  • Hi everyone!

    So glad I came across this thread. Me and my partner have been ttc for over a year now, I knew something wasnt right so my gp finally referred me for a scan, where they told me I have pco without the syndrome. It's all really confusing me! I have some physical symptoms but bloods came back fine is this right? ... also my gp then referred me to a infertility clinic just recently and they have came back refusing the referral does anyone know why they would refuse this? I'm not sure what my options are now. So confused :(

    Thanks in advance all! 

  • Hi girls I'm new to this site but it's been helping me a lot with everyone else's stories! I'm 30 and me and partner decided in September to start ttc, in December I started to get really bad pains in the ovary area particularly on the right side. I stopped getting periods too. I had a scan and was referred to nhs gynae who told me I had lots of cysts on my right ovary and a few on the left he said it was polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome! By this point it was February and I had one period since September, he confirmed I wasn't ovulating and that's why I was not getting pregnant. Anyway he prescribed 3 months 50mg Clomid and I'm currently on CD21 I bought a clearblue digital opk which said i ovulated on cd14! So I'm in the tww now and it's torture! Im speaking to my gynae on the phone tomorrow as I'm wondering what do i do if I don't get my next period? As he prescribed norethisterone to bring on my last af. Fingers crossed we all get what we want soon ladies! Xxx

  • Hi Emmac30, welcome to MFM. We just wanted to let you know about this thread - we thought it might be helpful. 

  • Hi ladies,

    So pleased to have found a recent and relevant thread haha! Just had my first ultrasound scan results back and sounds like I have cystic ovaries but without the syndrome too. Need more investigation first, but this may be one of our first answers towards why we haven’t fallen pregnant in nearly 2.5 years! OH also has sperm issues (morphology and motility) but we are so close to being referred now, I just can’t wait! 

    Lots of luck to all xxx

  • Hey everyone! 

    So happy to have found a recent thread! I’m going through the same thing, been TTC for almost 2 years, just had my HyCoSy today and was told everything looks good but I have polycistic ovaries (not syndrome). Have to make an appointment with the Dr to discuss results further. Does anyone know how polycistic ovaries could affect fertility? I have regular periods, and according to blood tests and OPKs I ovulate each month...

    Anyone have any updates on their TTC journey?


  • oh catmit I could have read that thinking id wrote it! I’ve just been told my left ovary is larger then the right via an internal scan, I’m waiting to speak to the doctor for the next step However the nurse yesterday who did the examination said it’s highly unlikely to be the syndrome. 

    Weve been trying for 2 years now and no luck not even a possible BFP. I get ewcm every month on cd 14, my cycles are so regular I can time it, 28-29 day cycles No excess hair, no weight gain none of the symptoms at all. Bloods were fine too. 

    I don’t really know how I feel about this all really, I feel I may have less chance now so maybe only 6 months of the year I’m likely to conceive I just don’t know enough. Everything on line just points to the syndrome and fertility with it. Nothing or no help for just 1 Or no syndrome. 

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    Really glad to have found this thread even though the last message is from last year. I found I had polycystic ovaries through a scan recently but no syndrome. I'm not yet ttc but worrying about the impact it may have in future. I cant find much online about PCO with no syndrome and was wondering if someone could explain more their experiences and if they felt it definitely had an effect. I'd really appreciate any information as the doctor was very blunt about it and said 'your ovaries appear polycystic but I doubt you have the syndrome' and that was all, so now I'm worrying the more I look into it! Thanks for any help!! 
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