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PCOS and gluten intolerance connection


Someone told me that they had heard/read that following a gluten free diet can help with fertility.

I've been Googling it over the last few days, specifically about PCOS and gluten and i have found some interesting discussions on forums about how common it is for us PCOSers to have a gluten intolerance too or that they have tried a gluten free diet and that it has made a huge difference to their cycles, what i have read most often is that they don't usually get AF, really irregular almost non-existent, like 1-2 a year or less and after following a gluten free diet AF has returned regularly. There was also an article where it stated a nutritionist had said that 85% of her PCOS clients had tested positive to gluten sesitivity.

I have the links but not with me, i can post later if you like? (if i'm allowed to post links on here??)

I just thought i should share this with you, as someone who see's AF 1-2 times a year, i was very excited about this.



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