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Hospital appt with fertility specialist- what to expect?

I have polycystic ovaries, confirmed with ultrasound and blood test (raised testosterone), so GP has referred me to the fertility consultant (or one of his team) at the local hospital. Appt is in a couple of days and I'm really nervous. Hubby is coming with me, he hasn't had semen tests yet but I guess he'll have to do that. We've been trying 7 months and I have v irregular cycles- current one 4 months and counting, shortest 40 ish days.

What can I expect to happen at our first appointment?


  • Hi,
    I had my first appoijtment on Xmas Eve and it all went well. The consultant and fertility nurses are soo nice so don't worry about it at all.

    I had done bloods with my GP beforehand and like you, had PCOS comfirmed with a scan.
    Hubby had done 2 SA's in advance too.

    First of all we were both weighed, measured and had our BP taken. Next we went to see the consultant who asked about our general health, history of pg etc, stress levels all the usual stuff.

    Then he went through the results from our GP's tests and did another scan on me to confirm the PCOS diagnosis.

    As I had been pg before (ended in mc) he prescribed Provera and Clomid to get my cycle back and force OV. I couldn't believe that we were getting treatment so quickly!.

    Good luck for your appt. They will defo do SA on your OH before anything else and may schedule you in to have your tubes checked too. My consultant felt this was very unlikely to be a problem for me as I had concienved before.

    I hope it all goes well for you
  • Thanks for the reply hun. It went quite well actually, the doc was a registrar and was very good with us, took us through it all slowly and explained everything. He said my periods were 'awful and irregular' as they range frm 40-135 + days so he's going to put me on Clomid, not Metformin as I'm not overweight and my bloods were fairly normal although I do have a huge number of cysts on my ovaries. Before I start Clomid though I have to have a HyCoSy, with a course of Provera beforehand to bring on a bleed to shed the endometrial layer. Hubby has to have a SA in a few weeks.
    It's all a bit scary but I'm glad we are being taken seriously and given help.
  • hi i have pcos n have had it for 3 n half yrs now n i also have diabetes t 2 n i have no periods n was wonder how did u get ur fertility specialist referal coz ive tryed everything to loose weight weight management programmes dietitans etc u name ive tryed it my weight is nt going up or coming down its staying put

    please help
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