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Just found out i got PCOS.

hiya all.

i was told by the doctor that i have pcos in october, but my doc wasnt really help full she put me on metformin 500 mg and another tablet to stop the bleeding as i have been bleeding on and off since end of july 2009. she told me about pcos and put me on tablets but neva told me ow bouts to concive when you got pcos. any info or adivce you can give me would be great, thank you.


  • Hi becca

    I also have PCOS and have a 4 year old girl and am currently 16 + 3 with my second. I was diagnosed in 2004 which encouraged me to start trying for a baby that year. I went to the health shop and got Dr Rekyweg drops to encourage egg growth and went on a healthy eating plan. I also bought a diary and thermometer and took my temp every day before getting out of bed to determine my Ovulating days. You can buy these in chemists with full instructions. I found out I was pregnant after 3 months of trying.

    This time round I only had 1 functioning Ovary which made it harder TC. i bought ovulation tests off the internet as they are much cheaper than in chemists and voila....... after 5 months trying got a BFP!!!

    Hope this helps and good luck. xx
  • hiya shelly,

    thank you so much what u told me is very helpfull and will get onto it, as i would love to have a baby and its best to start tryin as soon as possible b4 its to late and the sitituation gets worse.

    its just so hard to try when the tablets the doc's give me to stop bleeding dnt work, so i think its another trip to the docs to stop this bleeding first b4 i cn start tryin.

    but thank you so much i will diffo get on the search of them things on the net and order them, anything that will help i will try.

    thank you agen

    Becca xxx
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