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I was told i had PCOS 6 years ago i need some advice

well BE just eat my post

HI all just wanted some advice i have a hospital appointment on the 10th march on wed bit nervous to so the least well i had the scan to tell me i had PCOS and i was releasing an egg at the same time they told us to go home and try so we did a test and it was +ive well i had the withdrawal after you have a baby then no AF well a year on and we decided we wanted another baby but we were waiting on an AF well a couple of days later my mum said you look fat in the face are you PG i said no i need to have an AF for that but i knew you only needed to ov we it got the better of me and i did a test it was +ive could not believe it well that was 4 years ago

We have been tryin for 21 months since june 2008 and nothing well i wanted to know if anyone had an experience a bit like mine ie got told the had PCOS and only had the scan and tiring again as i want to know what test you had or will i go straight on clomid sorry fo the long post :\?


  • Hi Emma,

    I think they usually check your bloods to see if you're ovulating or how frequently and then they'd send you for the internal scan. The blood tests sometimes seem a bit pointles when you aren't having an af (I'm the same) but they can give you a false af from a tablet so they can measure your hormones more accurately so they might do that. Most consultants will only diagnose pcos when they have both sets of results to hand. I'd imagine they might send you for some tests again before giving you the clomid. I've heard people also say that pregnancy can have a positive impact on pcos and alter your hormone levels (but I'm not sure if this is just in the short-term). I would go along to your gp asap as you've been trying for over 12 months. And keep at everything else just in case you drop lucky and catch that again.

    Good luck xxx
  • i have the infertility appointment today so i have a book to write everything down have questions for them to i have questions for all stages so i will go in see what they say then decide what questions i want to ask thanks for your reply i know i had a internal scan before but no other tests so i will see what they say my GP said she will just tell them i need clomid as i was already diagnosed with PCOS so will just have to see what they say

    I went to my GP when i knew i was going to try as i wanted it recored how long i was trying but she gave me a few test to see if i ov'ed on the 21 day bloods fingers crossed for today

    sorry went on a bit lol

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  • Yeah clomid sounds like the way forward. Glad to hear your gp sounds supportive. I do the same I've got a diary with dates etc in to take along with me because I tend to forget when I'm put on the spot.
    Good luck xx
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