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My husband & I have been trying for a baby since we got married last August and, after a few eratic periods, I found out in January I have PCOS. The NHS have been fab since then, getting us both tested and this is my first month I'll be taking Clomid. I took the other drug for a week which brings on your period, and once it starts I'll begin with the Clomid.

I was just looking for feedback on how others found Clomid & how long it took them to conceive on it?


  • Hello,
    Great news that u've got clomid. I concieved my boy after 2 cycles of clomid (only 50mg to). He is now 6 months old and we have started the whole ttc process again for no.2!! A little tip, we used preseed the month i got Preg which is a sperm friendly lubricant. Lots of people swear by it.
    Good luck and hope u get ur BFP soon.
  • Hello Isis - similar story with me. Started ttc last August and have only had one AF in that time. Diagnosed with PCOS in Jan and just been referred to a gyn. Got appointment Monday so hoping to start on clomid soon. GP put me on Metformin two months ago but it hasn't brought on AF so who knows...??!! Have you been on metformin?
    Sorry I can't give you any info but I'd like to hear how you get on. Got everything crossed for you!
    H xx
  • Hi Isis

    I took my first round of clomid (50mg) this cycle and it seems to have caused some changes! I have posted about it - you may have seen my posts - but basically I ov'd earlier than usual on clomid so was very pleased but my lp has been extended. My lp is usually 14 days and I spot for 4-6 of those in the build up to af, however this month my lp is currently 17 days (and continuing) and I have had no spotting - although the spotting has started today. I had no idea about the increase in lp that clomid could cause so got excited for no reason when my period didn't arrive on the day I expected image I just wanted to let you know to expect that things may change. However, others have had very different experiences, some have had no change at all, some have ov'd later and some have had their lp shortened. All I can say is that perhaps you should expect things to be out of sorts, especially for the first month. I know I've been caught out and it's so disheartening. Hopefully you will be successful and will have no side effects (I didn't really suffer with any side effects) and no messed up cycles!

    Best of luck!

  • Just looking back at my old posts & just wanted to add an update that the clomid worked on the 3rd month of using it & we now have a healthy 2 1/2 year old son image

    We're now ttc naturally as my periods became regular after coming off the pill this time but will go back to clomid if no joy by early next next year.

  • Second update, for anyone who's interested:  When my son was 3 we had the same issues ttc again so used clomid again...this time I was pregnant on the 2nd month of taking it & we now have a healthy beautiful 3 week old girl as well as our 4 year old son.  Clomid rocks & I highly recommend it for people with non-severe PCOS as I have.

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