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Hi girlies

Just after a bit of advice.... what happens after you have been diagnosed with PCOS?

I am currently having tests, but seem to have a lot of the 'symptoms' of PCOS. So I guess I am trying to find out what happens when you have been diagnosed.

Can you share your stories and journeys please?



  • Hello!

    I am only quite recently diagnosed, and I think it very much depends on your doctor. I was given metformin to try and regulate my insulin levels, and I have been told I have to be ttc for 2 years before they will help me fertility wise (we have been ttc 10 months so far). I think other doctors will help after ttc for a year, and others seem to refer you to a fertility specialist straight away. I am a little bit overweight, so I have joined a gym and weightwatchers, as the doctor assures me that will really help.

    I was a bit upset to start with as I was having cycles of over 80 days, and I didn't think the metformin would help, but I started taking it on day 19 of my last cycle and had a cycle of 52 days, and this time round I have ovulated on day 22! So it seems to have worked wonders for me! What are your cycle lengths like? Do you know if you ovulate?

    So now my cycles are getting shorter I am hopeful for a natural BFP before the 2 years, but if the same doesn't work for you there are loads of other things to help - clomid helps you to ovulate and I don't know much about it but you can have ovarian drilling etc.

    I know it is really horrible when you first get diagnosed, I was really upset but a few months on and I am so much more positive, and there really are loads of steps to help you get pregnant, it will probably just take a bit longer than other people and than what you originally expected.

  • Hi girls,

    I've only recently been diagnosed too, have seen an endcrinelogist and i am waiting till my next appointment in oct when they will start me on metformin. I've also been referred to gyne but no sign of that appointment at the moment.

    I've only been ttc for 4 months but doctor agreed to refer me due to blood results. I'm very lucky as different doc in same surgery told me i would have to try for 2 years so it was worth seeing a different doctor.

    Sorry not got any useful advice really, it is horrible when you first get diagnosed as magpie says there are lots of things they can do to help ttc.

    Good luck x x
  • hi girlies... sorry to gate crash the convo but thought i could add my story to the mix.. me and OH have been ttc for 2 years, after 1 year we were a little concerened as i already have a 6 yr old DS, first port of call for doc was SA for OH, came back just under normal but doc said thats fine nothing to worry about and too just keep trying anyway 4 months later still no BFP.. btw i have quite regular periods if not v heavy... the doc then suggested i have a 21 day blood test to see if i was ovulating..,it came back low... 5.7 so the doc made an appt for me and OH and he said we could be reffered for ivf.. YAY... however i need to lose a stone.. image i eat pretty normal foods, walk at least 4 miles every week day(the school run) but just cant seem to lose any weight... which is more like a tractor tyre than a spare one!!! haha, and i started reading up on 21 day blood tests and results etc and found that it could be pcos.. i have since had an appt at the docs and he has reffered me for a scan on my ovaries(still waiting for date on scan) not sure how long it takes... i have become pretty convinced it is pcos... i have a couple of other posts on here too.. i am a little concerned tho as even tho i had a low progesterone result the doc hasnt said anything about medication?? is that normal or will it be next port of call after scan??? sorry to have waffled on sooooo much.. i'm feeling a little in limbo any advice/stories... or just chat would be most welcome... even if it has nothing to do with the subject.... hugs to all and lots of baby dust.... xx
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago after an internal scan.. I was put on Metformin as was only having one or two periods a year! Was also put on Yasmin as metformin is known to assist fertility and mine was prescribed to help ease the symptoms of PCO to start with! The first few months weren't great as Metformin can give you a dicky tummy to start with but after 2 or 3 months everything settled down. came off the pill in June and became pregnant in July... unfortunately the pregnancy ended in a ruptured ectopic 3 weeks ago... but without metformin I don't think pregnancy would have been possible for me. Hoping ina few months when I am ready to TTC again the Metformin will help me out again!
  • hiya i was diagnosed in 2008 after trying for no2 for over a yr. i had a scan which showed i had PCOS then i got reffered to see a fertility doc who perscribed me metformin for 3 months and in the meantime i had to try and lose some weight, my bmi was 36 and i got it down to 33 (which isnt a big weightloss) and then he perscribed me clomid and i got my bfp after my 2nd cycle

    good luck!!!!

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