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Hiya girls,
had some awful shooting pain in right ovary today! No idea what is causing it but is really uncomfortable, it's a pulling sensation - like a pulled mucsle followed by a stabbing ache! Anyone else hd something like this before?
Slighly worried!


  • hi
    I have always had normal periods and only time i have ever skipped a period was when i have been preg.
    After losing 2 babies last year i thought i would leave it a while to try again.
    Then in dec i skipped my period and took tests but they all come back neg, my doc sent a sample off which also come back neg and since then i have been having irregular periods, like not coming on when im due to and then they are not normal periods,
    Also i noticed i was getting bad stabbing and shooting pains in my lower abdomen and my ovaries then started getting very bad pains in my lower back.
    I went back to the docs where she took swabs which didnt show anything up and am now going for a scan this afternoon to see if that picks anything up.
    But your pains sound similar to mine.

    Dont know if this helps or not .
    Emma x
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