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how long ....

Hiya girls,
Yesterday I went to the doctors and it is thought that I have got PCOS (I definitely haven't been ovulating for at least 9 months). The doctor is sending me for an external and internal scan.
I was wondering how long after diagnosis did it take for you to get either clomid/metformin? Are you given this straight away or do the doctors try other methods?
I've been taking Agnus Castus for a month and it's not helped yet,
Any advice or comments are welcome
Thank you


  • Hiya

    Posted on your other post but I went for a scan Dec18th and was confirmed as having PCOS - Went back to my docs in Jan and asked them to refer me and he has so am just waiting for the hospital appt to come through - Lets hope they will not take too long to dish out the drugs although in the meantime am trying the natural way through acupuncture which I have read good results on. fingers crossed! image
  • Hello!
    I was diagnosed with PCOS after a scan and bloods. My GP then referred us to the fert clinic. The appointment came through in about 8 weeks and I was prescribed Provera and Clomid at our first appt with the consultant on Xmas eve.
    I hope it all goes as quickly for you!
  • Thanks girls, it's put my mind at rest as I was thinking that you would have to wait a lot longer although he did say scan date should be through in about a month. Fingers crossed for quicker though. If I have got PCOS I just want to get help x
  • Hi there

    From the date I had my first appointment with my doctor for blood tests to getting clomid it was only 3-4 months. I was lucky not to have to wait more than 6 wks between each appointment. In that time I had blood tests, an internal scan and a hsg xray to check my tubes. Hubby also gave a sperm sample to be checked.
    Hope things move as quicky for you XX
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