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Clomid & pre-seed?!?!

Hello Ladies image

I am going to start on clomid in Jan and wondered if it's beneficial to use lubricant like pre-seed or is only necessary if you experience dryness, due to CM changes because of the clomid?!?!

That sounds quite confusing now I read it back, but I don't know how else to put it!!!!


Emma xx


  • Hi Emma. I've been using pre-seed for a while now, we just like it! It doesn't do any harm, I've noticed that some ladies on ttc got a BFP the first month they used it. It's the only stuff you can use apart from Zestica and Samsar while ttc as it's sperm-friendly. I'd give it a go!
  • Thanks very much for that- I'll get on ebay and order some- sounds like it's worth a shot!!

    Emma x
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