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what does this mean?

Hi girls
went to the docs today and PCOS has been confirmed, he told me right ovary measures 16.2 mm and left 10.2mm both with follicles in them?! What does this mean and how bad is it? Been told may have to wait 12 weeks to see a fertillity specialist, I'm gutted!


  • Oh Hun, sorry to hear that, I know how gutted I was the day i found out, infact, I cried for most of it!!!

    I wasnt told anything about measurements so not sure what that means really. On a positive note, my first AF was 130 days 9ish, I lost count!!) and my next AF I think will be 42 days (I OV'ed according to FF 11 days ago) so AF (or hopefully BFP!) should be just round the corner.

    If you have long cycles, give Agnus cactus and Acupuncture a try, I think it has helped me
  • Hi wannabeamummy,
    Google to check but i think your ovaries are meant to be around 4mm so it looks like they are swollen but that is what they would expect to see with pcos. Follicles are basically the things that develop and mature into eggs and then are released- if they dodn't get released but hang around they are referred to as cysts hence pcos.

    It's a real shock at first to hear you have pcos and there is a problem but once you know what the problem is it means they can look to treat it. Keep bd'ing in the meantime as although it's more unlikely it is possible to still get pregnant naturally.

    AWhat tests have you had so far?

    12 weeks seems like a long time to wait but i think it's about average. I'm waiting four months to go back to the hospital in april. I have pcos and I am awaiting treatment xxx
  • Hey hun,

    iv had pcos for many years now, dont worry too much hun (easier said than done i know!)
    i am so used to waiting for these app its a bugger i know but if its any consulation they do seem to come round before you know it! once they see you, youl be put on the right path, so for now all i can say is, eat healthly and well, try not to stress, read up on the symdrome so that you know what the consultants are talking about and try to use this time your waiting, to get yourself in optimum health. there are soo many books on pcos(look on amazon) give your body a head start!!
    hope that gives you a little pma, feel free to contact me if you need any advice! xxx
  • Hey,

    I was just diagnosed with PCOS on tuesday so I can completely understand where your coming from!

    Im gutted but I'm also looking at the positives, I have PCOS and thats it nothing else, no gland problems or anything.

    Its going to take us all a little longer to fall pregnant but in the end its going to be so worth it to hold our beautiful babies.

    karina xx
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