9 days of AF and no end, should I be worried?

Posted in LTTC aswell but no reply and quiet worried so as I have got PCOS posted here as well.
After 10 months of no AF, it has arrived with a vengence! The metformin is obviously working. I have been bleeding now for 9 days with it showing no sign of letting up, I am not moaning about having my AF but just a bit worried that something isn't right as at times it's not like AF blood TMI it's bright red some days and then black and thick other days!
Has anyone had anything like this before?
Should I ring the specialist?


  • Try not to worry it is probably just because there's so much and tmi... It could be a combination of both new and old blood. I think anything up to 10 days can be classed as a normal period even in people without pcos. Having said that, you should ring the specialist and ask even if only to put your mind at ease? xx
  • Thanks Hope, glad to see your AF has arrived as well! Are you able to start your Clomid this month even though you are on antibiotics? I've got the appointment with the consultant on 28th July where I may be given clomid! Are they keeping you on met as well or have they taken you off it? Fingers crossed for both of us this month x
  • Yes they've told me I can take clomid with antibiotics and I'm still on met and will be until I get pg and scanned. Just hoping that it willl work and hope being ill/on medication won't prevent pregnancy if I do ovulate. Good luck with getting the clomid xxx
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