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PCO (or S), No AF or ovulation- any help or advice plsx

Hi everyone,
I've been posting for a few months on TTC.

To cut a long story short I came off the pill in Feb last year and had one AF in June but nothing since.

My GP did some inital bloods which inidicated PCO because of my abnormal LH level so I was referred to the hospital.

The hospital gave me norisethene to give me a false periods so I ca=ould start getting my bloods done on particular days.

I went for a hycosy yesterday and the radiographer also suggestsed I had PCO(or S) because the eggs weren't being released but a healthy uterus, tubes and lining. She also said it didn't look like I would be having an AF any time soon.

I'm not sure where to start with everything as I'm not due at the hospital again until April and it seems like a long time to wait- does anyone know if they or I can bring this forward or should I go to the GP? I have a normal BMI, some acne and I think I may be losing more hair than I should be but other than that I didn't think I was having symptoms.

I've heard stories about Clomid etc but I'm wondering whether it can be used as I'm having no afs.

I'm feeling a bit teary today and trying to begin to get my head around things but I have a lot of questions. Any advice or support/stories would be most welcome.

Thanks image xxx


  • Hi hun, sorry to hear you're feeling low. Big hugs ((((()))))) x
    I'm in a v similar siutation. Came off the pill April 09, no AF since August 09, ultrasound revealed polcystic ovaries but bloods didn't indicate the syndrome. I was referred to the fertility unit, got a v quick appt due to luck and now have a HyCoSy booked in and tests for hubby. Crucially, I've been promised Clomid in 5 weeks' time.

    I'm no expert, but you could be offered Clomid to kick start ovulation at you April appt- could you go back to the GP and say you're concerned about the wait? They may be able to prescribe it for you.

    Can I ask what the HyCoSy was like? I'm really nervous about mine!:roll:
  • Hi Kittenmittens,
    I've just noticed a couple of your posts and you're right it sounds like we are in a similar situation and I've got a good idea how you're feeling.

    I'm only just starting to read up more specifically in PCO/S- apparently you can have polycystic ovaries without having the syndrome but I'm not sure what that means haha. It sounds like the syndrome gives you other symptoms but PCO doesn't.

    Yes my DH is also going to get checked out in the meantime. Yes from what people who've experienced this have told me it sounds like Clomid might be the next step. After my very first bloods my Gp had said she could prescribe it but would prefer me to go down the hospital route so they could get the full picture. To be honest I also don't really feel happy with the registrar at the hospital as she just asked robotic questions and didn't explain anything and left me confused. If I don't receive a new appointment or something once my results are passed back to the registrar at the hospital I might ring and see how far I get in pushing for an appointment before Aprill.

    I will be totally honest with you about the hycosy- I was absolutely petrified beforehand but it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. It all sounds graphic and not sure how much detail you want- basically I found it less 'scratchy' and there were fewer strange sensations than I normally get with smears but it does bring on a pretty painful AF type cramp. Let me know if you want me to tell you the steps they do it in but please don't get worked up about it. It's also not as embarassing as you'd think- they dim the lights and everything and I found it less painful than the internal they gave me at the hospital at my initial consultation xxx
  • Oh no, it's rubbish that the doctor wasn't very helpful. I would definitely ring them back- isn't it true that you have the right to ask to see someone else?
    I'd really like to know exactly what happens in the hycosy - tmi doesn't bother me at all lol! At least then I know what I'm up against.
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