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Might be joining you all

Hey Ladies

Well I went for a PCOS blood test last week and they made me an appointment for tomorrow because the nurse she there was an abnormalty with my test.
It's 2.30am over here and I cant sleep, I'm so scared!

Anyone got any advise?


  • Oh hun, sorry to hear that. try not to worry too much, the good thing with PCOS is that there are things which can help. I am still newly diagnosed myself (in December) and am fairly positive about it all now. Had a realllllllllllly long cycle after coming off the pill and next AF is on its way (I am 11DPO) and that would make it roughly a 42 day cycle. I am taking Agnus Cactus to help me ovulate and also acupuncture which is meant to help as well.

    Hope the results are ok for you xx
  • Don't worry. It sounds like maybe they've done the test wrong or didn't get enough blood or something rather than there being a probably with you. If your bloods do show a problem with your hormones there is lots that can be done and then at least you'll know what's happening with your body.
    Good luck xxx
  • Hi miss88. How did you get on? Hope you now know a bit more about what's going on. I was diagnosed with polysycstic ovaries and I need to take Clomid to help me ovulate, but please don't let that panic you- lots of women with pco/ pcos do ovulate and conceive naturally, it just might take a little longer. Do you have any symptoms? x
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS and have an appointment for a CT scan on friday to see if I have a tumour on my pituritary gland.. at the moment I'm just trying to come to terms with it.
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