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Just got my BFP (after using DuoFertility) despite the PCOS!

Hello ladies,

I hope everyone is well!

I am so excited this weekend as I got my BFP on Friday!!!

I had been due to start Clomid next month so am truly delighted. I have been charting CM and temps using Duofertility which gives you a temp patch you stick on that takes your temps for you. It is rediculously expensive (at ??495) but as I mentioned on here before we decided to get the machine rather than a new sofa which we'd been saving up for has worked!!!

I don't really understand how duofertility works, but it gets used to your cycle and uses temp measurements from previous cycles to work out your likely next ov.

Anyway, my last AF was 22 Dec, the machine told me I was going to ov on 4 Marc h so we BD loads the three days beforre, the day of predicted ov and the day after. and ....BFP!!!!!!

SO I just wanted to say - I think it is worth using charting to get pg even if you have PCOS (my Gynae recommended charting) .

AND I have been feeling so down thinking it wouldn't happen for us - it is very possible to get a BFP despite PCOS, so I hope that encourages anyone who has been feeling like me over the last few weeks!!



  • Congratulations Beebe!!

    Thats wonderful news and gives us PCOS ladies hope indeed!!

    Jeepers though- ??495?????? Isn't it a similar thing to the Clearblue fertility monitor?

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy nine months image

    Emma xx
  • Hello Emma,

    Thank you!! It doesn't use opks (no POAS with DuoF) but as you will know those don't always work for those of us with PCOS. With cheapie OPKs I couldn't get a + at all and my CBFM always went high/peak AFTER the temp shift. So - CBFM had me BD too late!

    I agree ??495 is way way too much. DH and I only bought it because I was getting so down. DuoF just launched in the last few months, so if it takes off hopefully they will be able to reduce the
    price to closer to the CBFM. However - not sure how it will catch on at all until they reduce the price!

    Given that DuoF worked for me and is based on taking your temps for you and CM data you put in I reckon Fertility Friend charting CM and temps is well worth it.

    Good luck with your TTC!

  • woohoo! sounds like a great investment for you then! way better than a sofa! lol, congrats! xxxx
  • Congratulations!!!! That's fantastic news!! So are you selling that marvellous contraption now.....?? Only joking!! Heheh! Really pleased for you!! xx
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