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FAO all ladies who got a BFP on Metformin..

How long after you got your BFP did you stop taking the Metformin?? or did you carry on taking it throughut your pregnancy?

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  • i was advised to stop straight away,
    so stopped at 8 wks.x
    desperate to get back on it - Hope is 9 wks old now and my grizzly symptoms are takimgover again!!!!
  • I was advised to stop straight away as it had done it's job. I kind of agreed with that and didn't really want to be taking anything whilst pregnant that wasn't absolutely necessary.
  • I had a mc 2 years ago and the doctor in hospital said it was prob cos of the metaformin,
    now... when i saw my gyne he said that it most certainatly wasnt the met and that i am to definatly carry on taking it!! my gyne is many many years experianced and i was told by another doc that i should listen to him as the other doc was only a doc not so high up like my gyne
    so il carry on taking it really xx
  • my doctor has said that when I become pregnant i should stop taking them immediately.. but there is so much in the way of differing opinions on the net I wondered what everyone else had done.. seems that everyone is beng told something different!! !
  • HI,
    I got pregnant after taking metformin for 6 months. My consultant told me that currant advice (based on studies from Australia) is to take metformin throughout the pregnancy. Apparantly it can reduce cases of gestational diabeties.
    I just did what I was told! Now have a lovely, healthy 6 month old baby boy.
    Guess we all just have to follow our own doctor's advice, just so confusing when they all seem to conflict with each other!
    All the best to those of you ttc or currently pregnant. I hope to start trying again next Jan (with PCOS don't want to leave it too long). xxx
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