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PCOS but dont have any symptoms!

Hi Ladies

I was diagnosed with PCOS in December - I went for a scan as I have not had AF since coming off the pill in September (still havent!! GRRR)

Anyway, I had the scan and it confirmed I have PCOS but when I have read up about it, it looks like the symptoms are:

Weight Gain (I am a size 8!)
Excessive Hair (I have a few odd hairs but certainly nothing excessive)
Acne (I dont suffer with Acne)

So I just wandered what everyone thought? Obviously the scan is right but wandered why I dont have the symptoms (not that I want them!!!!::\)

Does this mean I have a mild form of PCOS if there is such a thing?

Thanks xxxx


  • Hi catherine, I too was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in December by ultrasound and have had no AF since August. My GP said I have the cysts but not the syndrome as I don't have symptoms other than irregular periods and no ovulation. I don't understnad it either- sorry to be no help but you're not alone!
    Have you asked to be referred to a gynae/ fertility clinic? I was earlier this month, got an appt v quickly and after more tests will be put on Clomid which will get me ovulating.
  • Hi Kittenmittens

    Thanks for the response, thats good to know

    So that sounds like I have the same thing then - I went back to my doctors last week and they have reffered me to the hospital to discuss options so just waiting for this to come through so fingers crossed they will do something for me too!!

    Its nice to know someone in pretty much an identical situation to me!!! Will have to keep each other posted on our progress and lets hope for BFP's really soon!!!image
  • Hi Catherine133

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in Oct and had my first hospital appt on Mon - I queried whether it was defo PCOS as I am size 8, have no excessive hair and no acne - but he said I have 2 out of the 3 symptoms - my ovaries have cysts and I have irregular AF, the other symptom - although not really a symptom - is a family history of fertility problems. I've been booked for a laproscopy and then will be put on clomid for 6mths.

    Seems to be different for everyone
  • Yup keep posting Catherine, best of luck and let us know if anything happens x
  • Snap haha. My bloods and hycosy are showing PCO not sure about PCOS yet as I haven't had a 100% diagnosis yet. I'm also a size 10- BMI is normal and don't think I have the symptoms other than a spotty chin atm. Apparently, there are varying degrees of PCO and its the syndrome that usually gives symptoms. I'd always assumed that PCOS caused excessive hair but looking into it, it can also cause you to lose hair. I'm not thinning or anything but am sick of getting hair out of my bath etc and seem to be losing a lot more than I have in the past xx
  • Its good to know I am not alone ladys!

    I decided to take action into my own hands, as sick of this waiting game for AF! I am still waiting for the refferal to the hospital but have decided in the meantime to go for acupuncture as have read quite a few things on it which shows it is good for hormonal balance and getting you ovulating! So booked in for next thursday - Bit scared it will hurt but they say it doesnt!!! :lol:

    Will let you know how I get on with it
  • I hope you don't mind me joining you. I came off pill at the end of Sept09 and have had no AF since then. They've always been pretty irregular. I've only had blood tests done so far which the doc said didn't look like PCOS and am going for a scan tomorrow. A couple of doctors have told me in the past that I may have PCOS but didn't have the visible symptoms. I'm a size 8-10, not overly hairy, get the odd spot but not acne. I even wondered whether to try to put weight on. I get the odd twinge where I think my left ovary is and had some AF type pains a couple of weeks ago which lasted a week or so but nothing since..... do those type of feelings sound similar to anyone?

    Might find out tomorrow! I'm driving myself mad reading thngs and trying to guess what it is!
  • Hi StarryNu - of course you're welcome to join. Sometimes I have a twinge in my side and think this co-incides with poss ovuation? But not 100% sure!!!

    Well I ahve a bit of news, went to the toilet earlier and wiped and there was a really light pink stain on the tissue!! Thought may be AF coming but had nothing else since then - what does everyone think? AF on its way?
  • girls girls girls! So glad I found this thread - I suspect I am in the same boat! Here's my story so far....

    - came off pill last May
    - have had 4 cycles since then, with lengths of 34, 47, 33, 64 and I'm currently on CD61.
    - tracking bbt and seems I do OV about 11-13 days before AF, but it takes a long time to get there!
    - have no sign of OV so far, so if the past is a trend, it means this cycle will be at least 72 days, if not longer!

    - I did have aninternal scan a number of years ago, and the gynae told me I have 'slightly cystic ovaries' but as I was only 20 or so, and babies far from my mind, it wasnt considered appropriate to do anything about it.

    I don't have weight gain, since coming off the pill have had a fair number of spots (but not acne) and no hair growth (although similar to Hope09 I am getting more and more hair coming out when I wash etc, though not to the extent of any balding).

    I have a docs appointment next Fri - I want to take old notes with me so she does something, but I'm also fearful she will say wait til a year image

    I went to see a traditional chinese medicine doctor today, but he was useless and said to see what doc says next week and then go back for herbs and accupuncture. Think I may try and see someone else....!

    Anyway, hopefully we can support eachother here, and we'll get there!!

  • catherine, it's mrs green 1 from yy&b i too was like you and still am ok except for the size 8 bit lol. i only wished i was that. lol i am overweight but always have been even when i had my boys. anyway i dont have any symptoms but they saw the cysts on the scan, but don't lose hope. i am now pregnant 6+5 it did take me a year but we got there in the end.
  • Jeeeeeeez...... it's like reading my own story!!!!!!

    I was diagnosed with 'something consistent with pcos' in 2007, put on the pill to help my system keep my eggs. I was only just 23 then so never even though about a family! Now, though, we're trying. Came off the pill in Feb, took until August for a proper AF, first ov'd in July, but it's not happening every month, with ridiculous amounts of days with spotting.

    Had scans again last week, they said I now have pcos, and quite bad. But I'm exactly the same as you girls. I'm a size 8, I've thick hair, but no excess anywhere else, I don't struggle with my weight, I don't get spots, I don't have issues with insulin... literally the only symptom is messed up cycles.  Even my recent GP's didn't believe me that I had it - they asked me how I knew I had it. I said I'd had scans years back and they bopth said, "But you don't LOOK like you have it!". Thought it was weird they asked me how I knew I had it....wonder if some people say they have it, when they don't - a bit like when people say they have flu and it's a cold, or a migraine and it's just a headache. I dunno!

    The stupid thing is, if they KNOW we already have a fertility issue, why do they make us try a year? It's like saying telling us to try baking a perfect cake, but omitting one of the vital ingredients. Of course, women with pcos do get pregnant, but for me, I think a little help earlier on would do wonders for self-esteem, hope, well-being and state of mind. Surely trying for a year should only apply if the vitals are happening! I've been incredibly lucky in that my GP agrees, so after just 6 months off the pill (and only 2 months since proper af arrived back), I'm already booked in to the fertility people for two weeks time.  That's not to say all will be plain sailing, but at least I feel like I have a listening ear in my GP.

    Fergy...can you just say you've been trying nearly a year? Speed up the process?

    Sounds weird....but I'm so glad you ladies are in the same quandry!! I've been battling with this for 6 years - how it can be possible with only one symptom! I guess we're just awesomely unique image

    Let's all keep fc for each other image

  • Hey I'm 22 I just been told last week I have pcos yet I always have reg periods I'm a size 8 I don't suffer from hair on my face or anything like that so I'm just a bit confused to not have any of the symptoms
  • Hi jess smith 2. Im the same as you no symptoms. I had some stomach pain n bad periiods. They took me in for a laperoscopy found out i had emdometriosis and pcos. Been on metformin 500mg twice daily for past 8 months no excess hair size 6-8. So it was a big surprise but you get use to it only problem ive got is remembering to take meds every day lol. Good luck x
  • Hi ladies I too suffer from polycystic ovaries and there is hope as I have a happy and healthy 14 month old little boy.

    Its so stressful but my husband and I decided to stop trying after a year of stress arguments and tears then 2 months later I was pregnant. Now we are truing for baby no.2 and my periods have been regular (38 day cycle) however this month my period came on day 25... Confused. I'm feeling quite sickly but no bfp image just hoping it will be easier this time.

    It doesn't help that I have found it difficult to shift my baby weight before I was a size 10 but now in a 12 and need to lose a stone.

    I hope you have bfp soon.

  • I'm in an odd situation, I have regular periods and my cycle length is between 30 and 35 days. I went to the doctor as I have bleeding which lasts about a week. This happens a week after I ovulate. I went for an internal scan and was informed that I have polycystic ovaries. I have no symptoms, I have regular periods and I have an 18 month old baby! I have put on around 4 pounds so perhaps weight gain is my only symptom. None of it seems to explain the random bleeding though! Has anyone else had this?

  • Hi ladies, I'm a little bit consfused.. I've been diagnosed with PCOS as it showed on my ultrasound.( That's the second ultrasound in two years that shows this). I don't have any symptom though! My cycle is completely regular and I'm not overweight. My blood tests are also just fine. My doctor said I should be on birth control but is it really necessary? Since I don't show any symptoms, I don't wanna take unnecessary medication.. Does anyone have a similar story? What do you ladies think?

  • Fernandar, weight has little to do with it. I'm 53kg and 5'6", so well within the limits of good weight to height. They kept saying my bloods were absolutely perfect too, except finally, my consultant said there were tiny tell-tale signs with bloods that she spotted. See my post -

    Being on birth control isn't a necessity, but being on it stops your body preparing to ovulate and the egg not maturing enough, leaving you with cysts instead of mature follicles. The only problem is, I went on it, them saying I needed to, but the problem was just as bad (if not worse) when I got off it. It depends if you want to conceive or not in the near future. If so, I would think carefully whether to go on it because it can take months and month for your cycle to return to normal, which is agonising when you decide now's the time to try. At least if you don't go on it, you know you don't have chemicals to deal with. 

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Hi girlie's, 

    So glad there are other people like me! Often feel very alone in it all image

    I too have no visual symptoms of pcos. No weight problems, acne or excessive hair. Im 28 now but got diagnosed with pcos when I was 18 after ultrasound scans as my periods were persistently irregular.

    It never really caused me any problems till about 18 months ago, since then I've had 2 hospital admissions with abdominal pain where my left ovary was. It was so bad I was in for days on IV morphine image all they could say was that must of been a cyst that had burst. Since the first hospital admission my husband and I thought we would start trying to get pregnant because it was probably not going to be an easy thing. Been trying now for over 18 months with no luck. No GP seems keen to refer me to anyone till we've tried for at least 2 years though.

    Feel very low and worries about it all. I know 28 is still young though and that's what they keep saying. Need all your hugs and encouragement! It's comforting to read your posts.

  • Hi guys, hope you all don't mind if I join in. im 17 years old , 5ft 1 and weight 8st 7 .I was diagnosed with pcos yesterday and im devastated, took to google, I know you shouldn't but I couldn't help myself , and all you see is the worst, just made everything worse. Like yourselves im not overweight, my hair isn't thinning I have pretty thick hair, no hair on other parts of my body, no acme but the occasional breakout like every teenager, just the irregular periods, I went a full year without one when I came off the pill, I'm so confused but it's good to know im not alone x

  • hi izzy44 I'm 21 was diagnosed few months back and the exact same as you no symptoms just a bit of podge around my belly the docs won't help me as I my bloods are fine etc and can't take the pill beciase of side affects I was diagnosed from an ultra sound after no period for 20 months any advice on what to do would be great :) (I don't think it's pcos as there is no family history personally I think it's just cysts)

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