I got my af after 13 months

I saw the consultant on tuesday and I'm waiting to have ovarian drilling and was due to start clomid after it.

Low and behold I got my af today naturally after all this time. It means I can start my clomid tomorrow whilst I'm waiting for the operation.

Hoping I'm starting to get a bit of luck back and sending everyone else anyone I have spare xxx


  • Hi Hope

    Great news about af starting, best of luck with the clomid and hopefully you won't need the drilling after all.

    Hope you don't mind if i ask you a few questions, pcos was confirmed last week going into 3rd month of no af. Doc has been very good and am now waiting for gyne appointment which will take 4 months.

    Just wondering are you on metformin for af, did your GP prescribe it for you and how long did you have to wait for it? Also i've been told by another GP that he would not prescribe because i'm in normal weight range.

    Sorry about all the questions.

    Tilly x
  • Thats fantastic news hun, fingers crossed the clomid works for you and you wont need the drilling. Sx
  • Hi Tilly,
    no I don't mind, ask as many questions as you like! I stopped the pill in feb last year and got an af in June then nothing until now ( other than a false period I was given in Jan from norisethene). I went to the gp a few times and was sent for tests in november which indicidated pcos so I was transferred to the hospital in December. I then had a hsg/hycosy and more blood tests done which confirmed it. I see my consultant every 3 months now so your wait sounds about right. It's good that they've picked it up quickly in you.

    I asked my gp if she could prescribe clomid but she said she couldn't only certain private gps can. It was the consultant who placed me on metformin and that was at the start of April. If had no spotting or anything I'd given lots of different things like agnis castus, reflexology and aromatherapy massage but I really think it is eccercise that has done the trick for me.

    I weigh 9 and a half stone, bmi of about 23/4 and don't look like I have the syndrome particularly. Because I knew I was waiting for the op etc I decided to just ignore ttc and focus on my holiday at the end of dec- I joined a gym last Thursday and did some running, aerobics etc- within 8 days my period came. I'm convinced it was the exercise alone or possibly the exercise that had helped the met to work. Also I'm a teacher and things are winding down at work which may have helped. I've lost about 5lbs in a week. I'd gotten into a rut of thinking I'll get pregnant soon so I don't mind a few extra pounds but in some ways I wish I'd tried this sooner so I'd definitely recommend it.

    As for the met, although it's a diabetes medication you don't have to be overweight to take it. They use it if they think your ovaries might be resistant to insulin to try and make you ovulate. It's definitely worth asking your gp about it- they can prescribe it but may be reluctant and might want the consultant to decide once they have the full picture. Even if it doesn't give you periods it can reduce the chance if miscarriage if you have pcos. My consultant has said if I get pg she would keep me on it til she had scanned me and checked everything.

    Sorry that was so longwinded but hope my story helps you. I never thought I'd get an af so it is possible!

    Thanks slow- fingers crossed xxx
  • Hi Hope

    Thank you so much for your reply, that's really helped. I am already trying a few of the alternative medicines like reflexology and agnus castus been putting off exercise though so i'm going give that a go this week. I also have but a few pound on and am about 9 1/2 stone thinking that i would be pregnant so wouldn't really matter.

    Thanks again for your reply and good luck with your treatment x

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